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I get the oppertunity to change peoples lives everyday and help them regain ownership of their life so that they can work because they want to and not because they have to. These are a few success stories.

Quotes Hi. I am Anita Naidoo, I am a stay at home Mom. My background is Fashion Designing and I have A Catering Business. I was introduced to this company a few months ago, I loved everyone, mainly I was looking for another stream of income. I got started, in a few days I can proudly say I have a free business, I'm earning in US Dollars which is ten times sweeter. On The 10th of July 2013 I achieved a rank which I am now a Residual Income Earner. I have An Amazing team and we have created beautiful friendships and relationships. Thank you WV for changing the lives of my family and I, but more importantly thank you to my 19 year old Rock Star mentor, Sashin. Quotes
Anita Naidoo

Quotes Hi, we are Anil & Carlien Makan. I am a Certified Financial Planner and Carlien is a Professional Compliance Officer. We joined this amazing company in 2013 to build a duplicable Residual Income business. After 7 days we have a business with no overheads, in 40 ays we picked up a silver BMW paid by this company and in 60 days we achieved a rank where we now earn a Residual Income whether we on vacation or in bed. Through this company we met the most phenomenal individuals who are now family. Thank you WV & #TeamEXPANSION. Quotes
Anil & Carlien Makan

Quotes Hi, my name is Roshan. I was in sales, sort of a job which just drained me. I got started with WV a few months back, I love this lifestyle, it gives me the time and the money to do the things I enjoy most. During May I tripled my income in WV than what I earn in a J.O.B, I qualified for a silver BMW. At the end of the month I made a decision to fire my boss. I am now semi retired, I earn a passive income with or without further work and I change people's lives daily. Life should not be a survival, it should be something we enjoy. Lets Make A Living, Living. Thank you WV ! Quotes
Roshan Rambarath

Quotes Hi, I'm Haseel Dayaljee (19 years old). I was introduced to this ROCK STAR company in 2012 (I was 18) by my close friend Sashin. There's not a day that passes by that I don't thank him, in fact I always tell him I wish he showed this to me earlier. This company has changed my life, and allowed me to live life on my own terms. From roaming the streets to paying off my school fees and helping my mom with her debts. Shout out to Team EXPANSION Worldwide & thank you so much WV ! Quotes
Haseel Dayaljee

Quotes Hey, I'm Bob Essack an established fashion designer/couture for the past 30 years. I came across this incredible company on the 5th of October, I immediately got started and I was extremely excited! I have a free business and well into profit. This is AMAZING, I'm enjoying every bit of it! After two months I now drive a silver BMW. Thank you WV! Quotes
Bob Essack

Quotes My name is, Venothan Naidoo ". I am a full time Area Manager for an international optics company. My wife and I were introduced to this amazing company for the first time in November 2011 and we loved it. My wife and i were exploring the idea of opening up a business, we knew that although we both really enjoyed our jobs, there was no way we were going to make Marketing Director's of our company's within the next 15 years. I am so glad we joined this business. After putting in just 7 hours a week, we am now earning a residual income for the rest of our lives (pension money and I am 28 years old). - 5 cheques a month baby. I would like to thank all the leaders in South Africa that have helped me build my business. Like Donald Trump says, " Enjoy what you do ". I for one have no problem sitting on a beach and getting paid for it. THIS COMPANY ROCKS!!! Quotes
Venothan Naidoo